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A Motivated Workforce

If you want to achieve your business goals this year, one important area for investment is the training and development of your staff. Research has shown that 45% of employees are more motivated and loyal to their company if they receive good quality training and development opportunities. In contrast 40% of employees who receive no training leave their job within a year.

In some organisations, training is seen as a tick box exercise, just offered as part of their initial induction. This training can vary depending on who has been given the job of introducing the new recruit to their position and therefore every member of staff has received a slightly different version. It may provide a brief overview of the role, but it has little further value.

In contrast other companies offer rolling programmes of training, which staff are invited to attend. This may be supported by mentoring programmes or detailed appraisals, so that the training matches the individual’s career aspirations and the company’s objectives. It can help to build confidence in weaker areas and can support employees in achieving their full potential.

Training offers many benefits for both the company and the employee, so it’s worth considering whether you are providing sufficient opportunities for your staff to build on their existing skills.

Benefits for the Individual

Every member of your staff will have their own career goals and aspirations, as well as a unique package of skills. If they are provided with training opportunities that help them to take the steps towards their goals, you can develop their skills and build their confidence in new situations. This can provide them with a sense of achievement, the chance to improve their prospects and a feeling of well-being.

With a positive outlook, employees are more likely to feel valued and supported in the workplace, which improves their job satisfaction, their commitment to their work and their loyalty to the company. As they learn and grow their skills, more variety and interest can be added to their job and this boosts morale throughout the workplace.

Benefits for the Company

Strong morale in the workplace has many benefits to the company. People who arrive at work with a positive outlook are far more productive and motivated. They are more likely to use their initiative, present innovative ideas and have a good working relationship with colleagues and customers. This can lead to improved customer service, greater efficiency and ultimately higher profits.

When everyone in the company receives high quality training it can ensure that a consistent message is being marketed and high standards are being met throughout the organisation. Good training on products and services can help employees to confidently answer customer questions, which can be a key factor in securing a sale.

Cross training can help every employee to gain a better understanding of each other’s roles. This can help everyone to understand the importance of everyone in the team and it also reduces the potential for problems when one person is on leave, as another can step in and cover any essential tasks. Skill shortages can be another barrier to a company operating at optimum levels. By providing training that upskills all employees, the risk of skill shortages is reduced.

Training Facilities

For training events and company conferences, you may need to find suitable conference venues. Bucks based Clare Charity Centre could provide the ideal location for businesses seeking a venue in South East England. In a rural location that is surrounded by stunning countryside, but with a mainline train station on the route between London and Birmingham and car parking facilities, we are conveniently located for training attendees.

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