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Conferences to Communicate Business Strategy

With the economy returning to pre-recession levels, many companies have invested in new employees, markets and technology in order to drive business growth. In order to ensure strategic plans are shared across the company and every employee is working towards the same goals, effective communication is crucial.

An email to all employees or even calling a short business meeting is unlikely to get the attention or response that managers are intending. At times of change, growth or diversification, the best solution is often to plan a conference. This gives all employees the chance to switch off from their daily tasks and give their full attention to the messages being communicated. Conferences also ensure that all employees here the same message at the same time, which can minimise the risk of some people being misinformed.

Within any organisation, there will be individuals who relish the opportunity for a change from their usual routine and others who feel a conference will be a waste of time. To convince the majority of people that the event will be an effective use of time, the event needs to be well organised, with a clear agenda and a combination of activities that embed the message.
The conference venue and facilities is also important to the success of the event. Attendees need to be able to easily access the venue. A location close to public transport, as well as major roads could be a priority for your employees. If you are inviting people from your national premises, or even overseas visitors, proximity to railway links and airports, as well as suitable accommodation may also be necessary.

City Centres may seem the logical place to hold a conference, but whilst they do have good rail and bus links, getting to the venue can be a challenge for presenters and attendees. If you are looking at hosting a city centre event, it can be advisable to time it to start after rush hour to make the travel easier. It could be better to find suburban conference venues; Bucks, Berks, Surrey could all offer a practical alternative to a London event.

It is best to avoid a day full of PowerPoint presentations. Whilst these have their place in communicating new strategies and ideas, a mix of training videos, group discussions, Q&A sessions and guest speakers can help everyone to engage. It can also be useful to have break out areas and completely different activities to break up the day. Once you know what you want to include in your conference, you need to ensure that the conference venue has suitable facilities to accommodate your requirements.

For well-equipped conference venues, Bucks has a number of good options which are in close proximity to London and Birmingham rail routes, main roads and international airports. The Clare Centre in Buckinghamshire is one example. Based in the village of Saunderton, this venue is based in the stunning Chilterns countryside.

Despite the rural location, Saunderton Station is on the Chiltern Railways line between London and Birmingham. It is close to the M40 and easy to reach from the M4 and M25. The 500 bus route stops just a short walk from the venue and there is plenty of on-site parking. The venue itself has been fitted out with all modern facilities and has both indoor and outdoor space for conference events and activities.

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