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How Important is the Venue to Event Success?

If you are organising an event, one of the first decisions that will need to be made is the choice of venue. No matter what type of event you are planning, you need to find a place to hold it in a convenient, accessible location which has the space and facilities you need. Your choice of venue can have a significant impact on both the success of your event and the budget, so it needs consideration.

If the space is too small everyone will be cramped and the space can quickly become hot, stuffy and uncomfortable. On the other hand it can feel empty and lacking atmosphere if there is too much space. If the technology isn’t compatible or reliable it can ruin presentation or delay proceedings. Insufficient lunch or a long queue for the toilet can leave people feeling less positive about the event even if the main attraction was excellent.

The Options

If you picked any county in the UK, you will be presented with a wide range of venue options. Before you select a suitable venue, you need to have a plan for your event which will include the expected number of visitors, the activities that will be taking place, the required facilities and your budget. You need to find a place that reflects the nature of your event; a conference venue, hotel, convention centre or marquee in a field could be the most suitable option to reflect the ambience of the event.

See for Yourself

With a plan in mind, the next step is to start filtering out the options that aren’t in budget or don’t offer the space that you require. Word of mouth recommendations can be a great help, but it is advisable to visit a number of venues that have potential, as other people would have had differing requirements to you. Go to the venues with a list of questions, so you come away knowing the key factors that will influence your decision.

When you are at the venue, remember that you and the other organisers will need to rely on the venue staff to support you on the day, so take note of how they make you feel. Consider whether you receive a warm and friendly welcome, if they are well presented and how they deal with answering your questions. They may be the first and last point of contact for your visitors, so you need to feel sure they will help to make your event run smoothly.

Take a look at the available spaces and image them in the room layout that you are hoping for. Check out break out rooms, outside space, dining areas and even the toilets in addition to the main room. Ensure that you feel happy that the spaces are well furnished, clean, unaffected by outside noise and generally in keeping with the high standard that you want to project.

Inclusive Packages

Some conference venues and hotels will offer inclusive packages. If they include everything that you need, these can be a cost effective option, but check out the small print. If you are getting a lot of extras that aren’t required by your guests, it may work out better to simply pay for the individual items rather than a package. If a venue that otherwise seems ideal doesn’t offer something you require ask them about how this might be resolved, as they may be able to work something out.

Conference Venues Bucks

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